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Backstory contest submission


Over on WEbook, there's a contest going on that has to somehow deal with backstory involving two characters. It's a 300-word limit, and while I don't consider myself to be the greatest when it comes to flash fiction or short stories and all that, I decided to give it a shot.

Below is my entry, unrevised.

I’m sixteen today, but that doesn’t make my birthday special; it’s what I’m getting that does.

The ding of my entrance is a whisper compared to the cacophonous sounds of the kennels behind the back door. The owner doesn’t miss a beat in greeting me.

“Benny, my boy, wasn’t expecting you so soon in the day. What gives?”

I give Jared a close-mouthed smile and say, “Momma says I can get me a dog.”

“Finally caved, has she? Well, you’ve been here enough to probably know which dog it is you’re wanting, so go on in the back and show—“

“It's Blair.”

Jared gives me a look I can’t decipher, but I’ve seen it before with people who’ve confronted me. His eyes shift to the back door, then to the computer and back to me.

“Sorry, Benny. Someone took her a couple hours ago.”

"It's Ben."

Jared's eyes shift again. "Sorry?"

My frustration mounts. "My name."

He apologizes again and talks about other dogs available for adoption. I don't listen.

“Who took her?"

Jared chuckles at my question, a fake sound, and leans back from the counter, rubbing his bald head. “It’s confidential. I’m not allowed to disclose information like that.”

I sigh and look to the entrance of the building. I'm not defeated. I've been through this before. If I don't get something I want right away, I'll get it eventually. Most people in town know this. I wonder if Jared knows.

Before I search for the thief, I tell Jared I'd like to look for another dog. Heading toward the kennels, I can't help but wonder who the next adoption agency's owner will be when I leave.




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